The history of Enzymatica starts in Iceland. It is the 1970s and in the large fish cleaning facilities tons of fresh-caught cod pass through the skilled hands of the gutters. Hands that are remarkably healthy and soft. Should they not instead be dried out, cracked and wounded, given all this fish directly from the cold Arctic Ocean?

Researchers in Iceland finally came up with the explanation. An enzyme in the cod becomes superactive when it comes into contact with people’s warm skin and mucous membranes. The researchers’ work gradually led to a patent on the enzyme and in 2007 Enzymatica signed an agreement on development and sale of products based on the enzyme.

Since then Enzymatica has developed a number of products in which the enzyme is an important component in creating effective barriers to viruses and bacteria.


Enzymatica acquires the Icelandic company Zymetech. The acquisition gives Enzymatica international exclusive rights to the patent protected enzyme which is a key component in ColdZyme® Mouth Spray against common cold. In addition, Enzymatica receives control of the production of enzyme, and access to international R&D competence, and the R&D pipeline of Zymetech. Enzymatica carries out two new share issues of in total SEK 100 million before transaction costs, to finance the company’s operations, to be able to implement its growth strategy and to attract long-term investors.

Enzymatica signs a distribution agreement with Endeavour Consumer Health for Australia and New Zealand. The agreement, which is the first one outside the EU for Enzymatica, requires an approval of the product documentation by the authorities, before any launch is possible. Enzymatica also signs a distribution agreement with Life NLB Ltd for Greece and Cyprus. Bengt Baron is elected new Chairman of the Board.


Fredrik Lindberg took over as CEO on February 16, 2015. The smaller package ColdZyme® One Cold   7 mL was launched and went on sale in Swedish pharmacies in May. During the second quarter, we also signed a contract with A-Apoteket in Denmark and were thus represented at the two largest pharmacy chains and the health chain Matas. On June 15 Enzymatica was listed on Nasdaq First North. In October we signed an agreement with pharmacy chain Lloyds for the sale of ColdZyme in the UK and in November we signed a distribution agreement with both Tamro for the Finnish market and Esteve for the Spanish market.

Norway, Denmark and the UK were the first markets outside Sweden. ColdZyme was the autumn’s most sold cold product in Swedish pharmacies in monetary terms. The organization was growing and the company preparing for business in a listed environment and in international markets. A new issue was floated to maintain a high growth rate. Veterinary products were made ready.

ColdZyme Mouth Spray against the common cold launched in pharmacies in Sweden. Agreement signed with all pharmacy chains. The first clinical pilot study, COLDPREV, was implemented with a positive outcome.

The mouth spray and chewing gum in the ColdZyme series were registered as medical devices, after verification of their safety and performance. Enzymatica established links with scientific advisors.

Enzymatica is listed on AktieTorget. The global agreement with Zymetech was extended to 2021.

The first product series was registered as cosmetic and hygiene products and sold in health retail outlets under the ColdZyme trademark. The series included a mouth spray against viruses and bacteria in the oral cavity/pharynx, chewing gum for better mouth hygiene and lip balm for damaged lips.*

Enzymatica was founded. In the same year an agreement was signed with the Icelandic company Zymetech for global rights to develop and sell products containing a patented enzyme from deep sea cod.

* In 2014 ColdZyme chewing gum and lip balm were removed from Enzymatica’s ordinary product range.