Fredrik Lindberg
Born 1957. Appointed in Nov 2014
Education: MD, Ph.D, and an Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacology.

Fredrik has extensive experience from the life science industry and from growth companies with international operations. Previous positions include CEO of Bone Support AB, Nordic Medical Director of Searle Pharmaceuticals, and Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the University Hospital in Lund. Member of Enzymatica’s Board 2012-feb 2015.

Ulf Blom
EVP Marketing & Operations

Born 1965. With Enzymatica since 2011.
Education: B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration.

Co-founder of Enzymatica. Ulf has over 15 years experience in various management positions in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, including Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca and ALK. Has extensive experience in all phases of strategic global commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

Mats Clarsund

EVP Research & Development
Born 1967. With Enzymatica since 2012.

Education: Ph D Enzyme Technology, Lund University.

Mats has 20 years of experience in research related to enzymes and long experience from research and business development within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He most recently worked for Alligator Bioscience AB, where he held positions as Vice President of Scientific Business Development and Head of Discovery.

Jörgen Rexö

EVP Legal
Born 1955. With Enzymatica since 2011.
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Lund University.

Co-founder of Enzymatica. Jörgen has extensive experience in start-up companies as an advisor in corporate law and finance, including within the framework of Mobile Heights Business Center and Lund Life Science Incubator AB. Has more than 25 years experience in the lawyer business.

Bengt Jöndell
acting CFO
Assumed his position on April 4th, 2016
Education: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Management, Master of Science, Chemical Engineering

Bengt's most recent post was as CFO and Administrative Manager at BTJ Group AB. Before that, his appointments included Senior Financial Advisor at the med tech company, BoneSupport, CFO/Administrative Manager at Inpac, Business Controller at Pharmacia & Upjohn Consumer Healthcare, Pharmacia Consumer Pharma and Kabi Pharmacia Nicorette.

Anna Isaksson
VP Quality and Regulatory Management
Born 1973. With Enzymatica since 2015
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering. Chalmers University of Technology.

Anna has over 15 years working experience in international Medtech companies such as, Gambro and ArjoHuntleigh. She has extensive experience in both product development and quality management, including management positions in these areas.

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