ColdZyme Mouth Spray may help to reduce the risk of catching cold and to shorten the duration of illness if initiated at an early stage of the infection.

For adults and children 
The product contains an enzyme that helps build a protective barrier against cold viruses in the mouth and throat. The spray coats mucous membrane in the mouth and throat, creating a local protective barrier that inhibits viruses from causing disease. ColdZyme has only a local, temporary effect. Adults and children over the age of 4 can use the product. 

ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is a medical device, Class I (CE-marked).

Acts on the cause - rather than the symptoms
In ColdZyme the enzyme primarily acts on the cause of the disease itself, i.e. viruses, not the symptoms. This creates an opportunity to shorten the period of sickness, or at best to prevent it altogether. 

Clinically documented
ColdZymes effect is documented by COLDPREV - a double-blind placebo-controlled study - which shows that the product reduces the viral load by more than 99% and cuts the number of days of illness in half in comparison with placebo. Read more about the clinical study here

Socio-economic impact
A study of the socio-economic effect of the Swedish population's use of ColdZyme points to economic benefits and the possibility of decreasing ill health. Reducing work loss by one day would save Swedish society SEK 1.4 billion a year, calculated on 10 percent of 4.7 million full-time employees. Read more about the report here (in Swedish). 

ColdZyme's own website
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