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Health and well-being constitute the foundation of our company, and we want to use resources wisely and sustainably. Trypsin, the enzyme used in ColdZyme, is extracted as a by-product of fish processing, and does not contribute to depletion of cod stocks. Here, we make use of resources that others see as waste. The idea of using as little new resources as possible runs through the company, with a lot of thought being directed to how we can research, develop, manufacture and sell our products with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our code of conduct and our values guide us when building an inclusive company with high ethical standards.

quality & safety

The development, manufacturing and sales of our health care products are regulated by laws, regulations, directives, and standards. Our procedures and documentation are formulated in accordance with the requirements applicable for respective health care products and markets. We ensure that our products are safe, of high-quality and live up to their claimed performance.


We do not engage in any environmentally hazardous activities that are subject to reporting or permits. All wrapping and other packaging materials used for the products are recyclable. Our contract manufacturers are certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001.

an inclusive workplace

The company culture is our engine for growth. Working at Enzymatica means being supported by the people and tools needed to thrive and contribute to the overall goals of the company. Our code of conduct sets the framework for how we work, and our company values point at the importance of a friendly and inclusive culture where there is room for ideas and personal development.