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Corporate governance

Board of Directors

In 2021, the Board of Directors consisted of six members who are elected for one year by the Annual General Meeting. According to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors shall consist of at least three and a maximum of ten members with a maximum of ten deputies. The Board of Directors elects its officers at a meeting held immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

Holdings in Enzymatica 31 March 2021

Board meetings

During the year, Enzymatica’s Board of Directors held 27 meetings at which the minutes were recorded, 5 of which were by telephone and 14 per capsulam. Four of the meetings were held in conjunction with approval of the year-end report and the interim reports. Important matters addressed during the year included strategy, growth issues, COVID-19, funding, organisation, adoption of the budget and regulatory matters, such as how the company will address the new EU Medical Device Regulation. The CEO, CFO and COO of the company regularly participate at the Board meetings. Other senior executives participate at Board meetings as needed. The company’s auditor attends at least one regular meeting during the year.


Audit Committee

In 2016 the Board of Directors established an Audit Committee comprising board members. Today Helene Willberg (Chair) and Louise Nicolin.

The Audit Committee is responsible for quality assurance regarding the company’s financial reporting and for work concerning internal control at Enzymatica. The Audit Committee is also responsible for the Board’s ongoing communication with the company’s auditors, adoption of guidelines for what services are to be purchased from auditors in addition to auditing, evaluating the audit engagement, assisting the Nomination Committee in preparing proposals for the auditor and fees for the audit engagement.

Remuneration Committee

In 2016 the Board of Directors established a Remuneration Committee comprising Board members Mats Andersson (Chair), Gudmundur Pálmason and Bengt Baron.

The Remuneration Committee addresses matters concerning remuneration and benefits for senior executives, including the CEO.