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Corporate governance

Nomination Committee

Enzymatica Nomination Committee for the 2023 Annual General Meeting appointed

In accordance with the principles for the Nomination Committee adopted at the Annual General Meeting 2019, the Nomination Committee for the next Annual General Meeting shall consist of representatives of the four largest shareholders registered in the register of shareholders held by Euroclear Sweden AB as of September 30 each year, together with the Chairman of the Board, who shall also convene the Nomination Committee until its first meeting.

The four largest owners as of September 30 2022, were Mats Andersson through Abanico Invest AB, other companies and private, Håkan Roos through Roosgruppen AB, Björn Algkvist through Fibonacci Asset Management AB and Guðmundur Pálmason through Fortus hf., who together with the Chairman of the Board, Bengt Baron, constitute the nomination committee for the 2022 Annual General Meeting. Björn Algkvist has been appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The task of the Nomination Committee is to submit proposals prior to the Annual General Meeting for chairman and other members of the Board, as well as for fees and other remuneration for board assignments to each of the Board members. The Nomination Committee shall also submit proposals for election and remuneration of the auditor.

Shareholder who wish to leave a proposal to the Nomination Committee can send an email to or regular mail to: 

Enzymatica AB
Attn: Nomination Committee
Ideon Science Park
223 70 Lund