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Enzymatica published in the international journal Infectious Diseases & Therapy – promising method for the prevention of colds using ColdZyme Mouth Spray

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A recently published systematic review article in Infectious Diseases & Therapy, authored by Enzymatica’s researchers, elucidates the potential of cold-adapted proteases for the treatment of various illnesses. ColdZyme Mouth Spray may offer promising potential as a medical device treatment in reducing the risk of contracting the common cold.

Proteases or proteolytic enzymes have been used therapeutically over a protracted period and have displayed major potential in the treatment of a number of illnesses. Cold-adapted proteases offer greater flexibility and catalytic effectiveness than conventional proteases – features that could prove significant in the development of new treatments.

The article in the peer-reviewed journal “Infectious Diseases and Therapy” highlights the potential of cold-adapted proteases as a new emerging treatment of viral infections, for example. ColdZyme® Mouth Spray contains a cold-adapted protease (trypsin) that forms a temporary active barrier as a protection against the common cold virus infection.

“The data we have regarding ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is very interesting as regards the potential to prevent or shorten a cold. Cold-adapted trypsin has exciting properties that are promising for a number treatment forms in medicine and medical devices,” says Mats Clarsund, EVP in charge of Research and Development at Enzymatica

Enzymatica is currently conducting in vitro studies to map the effect of cold-adapted trypsins on common cold viruses. A clinical study is planned for early 2013 as part of efforts to verify ColdZyme Mouth Spray’s preventive effect against the common cold among people.

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Mats Clarsund, EVP in charge of Research and Development at Enzymatica AB (publ), 0725-73 09 80