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Customer studies: ColdZyme users fight colds early and actively

According to several customer studies conducted by market research company GfK, customers report that the ColdZyme® cold spray works well when used as a preventative measure or early at the first sign of symptoms such as sore throat, irritated throat or a general feeling of sickness. ColdZyme is unique because it directly fights the cause of the cold – the cold virus instead of the symptoms once the patient has already gotten sick – which is the case with traditional treatments.

As part of its customer satisfaction and quality efforts in relation to ColdZyme, Enzymatica regularly conducts surveys and customer studies about the product and customer behavior to raise knowledge on how they treat their colds. This enables Enzymatica to improve its offerings to them. Over 1000 cold product users participated in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by research company GfK in December 2014[1] which produced several interesting findings. Several of the findings were corroborated in a follow-up study of over 200 customers conducted by GfK in late 2015[2]. ColdZyme users were satisfied in general – 83% were fairly satisfied or highly satisfied with the product, which is excellent considering that market leaders usually come in at around 60%.

ColdZyme is used early or as a preventative measure for colds

A majority of ColdZyme users treated their common colds either proactively as a preventative measure before they caught the cold, or actively when they felt that a common cold was on the way toward breaking out. This was significantly different statistically in comparison to users of other cold products, who typically did not begin treatment until the cold symptoms were established (GfK Dec. 2014). The follow-up survey in November 2015 on customer satisfaction with ColdZyme corroborated the findings previously seen, i.e. that ColdZyme customers use ColdZyme proactively to prevent or shorten a cold.

Figure 1: GfK 2014 | Target group analysis - ColdZyme | December 2014 – please see chart above.

“It is interesting that ColdZyme users stand out from the rest of the colds category in terms of when they treat their cold, i.e. that they treat it proactively or at an early stage of the cold. This is probably because ColdZyme can both prevent and shorten a cold,” says EVP Marketing Ulf Blom.

Most effective when the early cold symptoms are a general feeling of sickness, a sore throat or an irritated throat.

ColdZyme users reported that ColdZyme worked well in fighting colds when used for the following symptoms:

Figure 2: GfK 2014 | Target group analysis - ColdZyme | December 2014 – please see chart above.

ColdZyme users reported symptoms such as sore throat, irritated throat and general feeling of sickness as the most common for which ColdZyme works especially well in fighting the cold, and this significantly set ColdZyme users apart from the rest of the colds category statistically, which was corroborated in both surveys.

For more information about the customer satisfaction surveys, please contact:

Ulf Blom, EVP Marketing, Enzymatica AB Tel: +46 (0)703-77 73 28 | Email:

About ColdZyme

Colds are caused by viruses. ColdZyme is unique because it fights the cause of the cold, the cold virus, instead of treating the symptoms once the patient has already gotten sick like many other products. ColdZyme can thus both prevent and shorten colds. In a double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study, COLDPREV, ColdZyme reduced total viral load in the oropharynx by over 99% and cut the number of days with common cold symptoms by more than half, which was statistically significant in comparison to the placebo[3].

About Enzymatica AB

Enzymatica AB is a life sciences company that develops and sells medical devices for fighting infectious diseases. In a short period of time, the company developed ColdZyme®, a unique mouth spray for fighting colds, launched the product in six markets and established it as one of the best-selling cold products in Swedish pharmacies measured in SEK. Our strategy is to continue growing by strengthening our position on existing markets and expanding to more geographic markets via established partners. The company’s head office is in Lund and it is listed on the Nasdaq First North. For more information, please go to:

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[3] Clarsund et al, Common cold prophylaxis using ColdZyme Mouth Spray, Congress of the Nordic Association of Otolaryngology Copenhagen 2014.