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Questions and Answers – regarding the ASA decision, for marketing- and web material of ColdZyme in the UK

1.Why has the ASA ruled on the content of your ColdZyme ads and Boots’ website? 

ASA is acting on two complaints about claims we have made in a poster and that were made about the product on Boots’ website back in 2014, we have already taken the appropriate corrective action, changing the claims. ASA has the responsibility to see that advertising rules in the CAP code (The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing) in UK are followed and therefore looked into these complaints.

2.What scientific data do you have to support the claims in the ads?

We have one placebo-controlled study and a few open label studies. These studies support the following claims; ColdZyme can reduce the viral load and can help reduce the number of sick-days suffered with a common cold, when used prophylactically.We feel that these are reasonable claims, and these have been adjusted to comply with the ASA decision.

3.You state in the ads “could prevent or shorten the common cold at the first signs” – what data do you have to support this statement?

Following the ASA decision we have already adjusted our claim in web and marketing material to adhere to the decision. ColdZyme is unique since it acts on the cold virus itself, as opposed to addressing symptoms when already ill. ColdZyme can reduce the viral load in the throat and can help reduce the number of sick-days of a common cold, when used prophylactically.

4.Do you intend to follow and comply with the ASA decision? And if yes, in what way?

We have considered the ASA decision, and have already taken the appropriate corrective action. The poster is not in use, and the website has been amended accordingly.

5.Don’t you think that this type of marketing and information will be harmful to the trust of your product and company?

We strongly believe that our current marketing is supported by reliable and relevant clinical data. Bear in mind that we also have an obligation to our customers to guide them in how to use ColdZyme in the best way. According to good clinical and marketing practice, we are constantly increasing our knowledge around the product by collecting more clinical data as well as post-marketing information for the benefit of the user.

6.How have you communicated with Boots and Lloyds?

The ASA decision has been shared with Boots and Lloyds and corrective action has been taken to adhere to ASA’s decision.