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Research & Development

Scientific advisors

Enzymatica’s scientific advisors are established, well-known researchers in fields such as upper respiratory tract infections. They assist Enzymatica in research-related issues, as well as assess and advise on future research and product opportunities.

Charles S. Craik

Charles S. Craik is currently Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Director of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Program at the University of California in San Francisco. Professor Craik is a world-leading researcher in proteolytic enzymes. He conducts both basic research and applications of proteolytic enzymes in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of human diseases. He has published over 300 articles, has 10 patents in the US and founded Catalyst Biosciences and Alaunus Biosciences. He serves on several industry-related scientific advisory boards and is extremely active in pharmaceutical and biotechnology consulting.

Sigurður Guðmundsson

Sigurður Guðmundsson is Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Iceland. He has been an associate professor and then professor of internal medicine, dean of postgraduate medical education and co-chair of the Dept. of Biomedical Communication at the University Hospital on Iceland. He has also been the Medical Director of Health (Surgeon General) on Iceland, as well as a consultant in infectious diseases. His primary research interests include clinical infectious diseases, epidemiology, public health and animal models.